Table Hockey

Medals awarded to the top team of the day!

Be the Captain of your own team!
Name your team
Design and wear your own team jerseys, if you wish. Get creative, or not!
3-players per team (minimum of 2-players)
Represent your school, your business, your family, your friends
3 x 3 team player rotation. Minimum of 2-players required to play as a team

It’s all free and it’s all fun!

Here’s how Team Table Hockey tournaments work:
• Your team of 3-players rotates to play all 3-players on the other teams.

Team 1 vs Team 2

Player A vs Player X

Player B vs Player Y

Player C vs Player Z

Player A vs Player Y

Player B vs Player Z

Player C vs Player X

Player A vs Player Z

Player B vs Player X

Player C vs Player Y

• In each individual match between two players in team competitions, a win is counted as a “goal for”, and a loss counted as a “goal against”.
• After all three matches are played in a mutual round, the winning team is awarded 2 (two) points.
• In the event of a draw, each team gets 1 (one) point.


• If teams are tied in the standings moving on to the next round in the tournament, instead of overtime, a “captains’ match” is held (one full five-minute game). If tied at the end of regulation play, then the “captains’ match” will end in sudden-death overtime.
• In the playoffs, if two teams play to a draw, then the “captains’ match” is used.
• Team playoffs determine the tournament’s champion.

• Teams of 3-players are desired and the norm.

• However, if one of your 3-players is not present (or leaves early), then that team plays with two only 2-players. In each mutual match against a team of 3-players, the team with only 2-players automatically loses one game in each round.
• Therefore, mathematically, a team of only 2-players still has a chance to win a team tournament if they win the other two games played in each round.