Table Hockey Saturdays

Table Hockey is for everyone! All ages, 7 to 107, are welcome to play. Male, female, first-time players to super-experienced. We help make sure that everyone has fun! If you played Table Hockey as a kid, come out and play again as a grown-up. You'll love playing Table Hockey all over again!

Gold, Silver, and Bronze medals awarded to the top three players of the day!

Tournaments hosted by Strategic Kids Education Director, Dr. Kevin Rafferty

Tournament Champions 2020:

January 2020
Champion: Ryan Le

February 2020
Champion: Ryan Le

No tournaments held for many months due to COVID

Tournament Champions 2019:

January 2019 One-on-One Champion: Ryan Le
Team Table Hockey Champions: No team competition held.

February 2019 One-on-One Champion: Kevin Rafferty
Team Table Hockey Champions: Ryan Le, Kamran Maghzi, PJ Martin

March 2019 One-on-One Champion: Ryan Le
Team Table Hockey Champions: Ryan Le, Alexa Le, Kamran Maghzi

April 2019 One-on-One Champion: Ryan Le
Team Table Hockey Champions: Ryan Le, Gordon Costa, Emma Joleen

May 2019 One-on-One Champion: Ryan Le
Team Table Hockey Champions: Ryan Le, Kamran Maghzi, Ken Henshaw

June 2019 One-on-One Champion: Ryan Le
Team Table Hockey Champions: Nathaniel Sprague, Rudy Arishin, Alex Khryukin

July 2019 Champion: Ryan Le
August 2019 Champion: Joe Kunst
September 2019 Champion: Ryan Le
October 2019 Champion: Ryan Le
November 2019 Champion: Ryan Le
December 2019 Champion: Ryan Le

Tournament Champions 2018:

January 2018 Champion: Ryan Le
February 2018 Champion: Ryan Le
March 2018 Champion: Ryan Le
April 2018 Champion: Ryan Le
May 2018 Champion: Ryan Le
June 2018 Champion: Brandon Mann
July 2018 Champion: Ryan Le
August 2018 Champion: Ryan Le
September 2018 
One-on-One Champion: Ryan Le
Team Table Hockey Champions: Ryan Le, Alexa Le, Dr. Thuan Le

October 2018 
One-on-One Champion: Roman Nezhyba

Team Table Hockey Champions: Ryan Le, Alexa Le, Kamran Maghzi
November 2018 
One-on-One Champion: Roman Nezhyba
Team Table Hockey Champions: Ryan Le, Alexa Le, Marko Vasquez
December 2018 
One-on-One Champion: Roman Nezhyba
Team Table Hockey Champions: Ryan Le, Alexa Le, Avdan Gupta

Tournament Champions 2017:

January 2017 Champion: Ryan Le
February 2017 Champion: Ryan Le
March 2017 Champion: Ryan Le
April 2017 Champion: Ryan Le
May 2017 Champion: Ryan Le
June 2017 Champion: Ryan Le
July 2017 Champion: Ryan Le
August 2017 Champion: Ryan Le
September 2017 Champion: Ryan Le
October 2017 Champion: Ryan Le
November 2017 Champion: Kamran Maghzi
December 2017 Champion: Ryan Le

Tournament Champions 2016:

January 2016 Champion: Calvin Vician
February 2016 Champion: Nicholas Dorgan
March 2016 Champion: Ryan Le
April 2016 Champion: Ryan Le
May 2016 Champion: Ryan Le

June 2016 Champion: Ryan Le
July 2016 Champion: Ryan Le
August 2016 Champion: Ryan Le
September 2016 Champion: Ryan Le
October 2016 Champion: Ryan Le
November 2016 Champion: Ryan Le
December 2016 Champion: Ryan Le

Tournament Champions 2015:

January 2015 Champion: Amin Poursoltan
February 2015 Champion: Kael Mai
March 2015 Champion: Kael Mai
April 2015 Champion: Kael Mai
May 2015 Champion: Christopher Younes

June 2015 Champion: Nicholas Dorgan
July 2015 Champion: Sean Rafferty
August 2015 Champion: Kael Mai
September 2015 Champion: Kael Mai
October 2015 Champion: Kael Mai
November 2015 Champion: Kael Mai
December 2015 Champion: Nicholas Dorgan

Tournament Champions 2014:

January 2014 Champion: Mitch Wicks
February 2014 Champion: Kael Mai
March 2014 Champion: Amin Poursoltan
April 2014 Champion: Kael Mai
May 2014 Champion: Amin Poursoltan
June 2014 Champion: Kael Mai
August 2014 Champion: Kael Mai
September 2014 Champion: Kael Mai
October 2014 Champion: Kael Mai
November 2014 Champion: Amin Poursoltan
December 2014 Champion: Nicholas Dorgan

Tournament Champions 2012:

January 2012: Champion: Makoto Kenney
February 2012 Champion: Matthew Ayuyao
March 2012 Champion: Matthew Ayuyao
April 2012 Champion: Matthew Ayuyao
May 2012 Champion: Matthew Ayuyao
June 2012: Champion: Matthew Ayuyao

Tournament Champions 2011:

January 2011 Champion: Dylan Oliver
February 2011 Champion: Adam Campbell
March 2011 Champion: Zane Tulecki
April 2011 Champion: Reign Sarte
May 2011 Champion: Makoto Kenney
June 2011 Champion: Adam Campbell
September 2011 Champion: Dylan Oliver
October 2011 Champion: Makoto Kenney
November 2011 Champion: Dylan Oliver
December 2011 Champion: Makoto Kenney

Tournament Champions 2010:

January 2010 Champion: Shane Johnston
February 2010 Champion: Brian Rafferty
March 2010 Champion: Adam Campbell
April 2010 Champion: Sean Rafferty
May 2010 Champion: Adam Campbell
June 2010 Champion:
Adam Campbell
July 2010 Champion: Brian Rafferty
August 2010 Champion: Adam Campbell
September 2010 Champion: Adam Campbell
October 2010 Champion: Dylan Oliver
November 2010 Champion: Malik Tekin
December 2010 Champion: Adam Campbell

Tournament Champions 2009:

January 2009 Champion: Molly Rafferty
February 2009 Champion: Sean Rafferty
March 2009 Champion: Molly Rafferty
April 2009 Champion: Brian Rafferty
May 2009 Champion: Sean Rafferty
June 2009 Champion: Jacob Na
July 2009 Champion: Brian Rafferty
August 2009 Champion: Sean Rafferty
September 2009 Champion: Molly Rafferty
October 2009
Champion: Brian Rafferty
November 2009 Champion: Leonard Lupin
December 2009 Champion: Brian Rafferty

Tournament Champions

January 2008 Champion: Derek Monroe
February 2008 Champion: Peter Orum
March 2008 Champion: Sean Rafferty
April 2008 Champion: Jacob Na
May 2008 Champion: Kevin Rafferty
June 2008 Champion: Ricky Soto
July 2008 Champion: Sean Rafferty
August 2008 Champion: Brian Rafferty
September 2008 Champion: Jacob Na
October 2008
Champion: Brian Rafferty
November 2008 Champion: Sean Rafferty
December 2008 Champion: Sean Rafferty

Tournament Champions 2007:

January 2007 Champion: Sean Rafferty
February 2007 Champion: Sean Rafferty
March 2007 Champion: Kevin Rafferty
April 2007 Champion: Dan Brown
May 2007 Champion: Justin Na
June 2007 Champion: Justin Na
July 2007 Champion: John Labianca
August 2007 Champion: Justin Na
September 2007 Champion: Justin Na
October 2007 Champion: Ricky Soto
November 2007 Champion: Justin Na
December 2007 Champion: Ricky Soto

Tournament Champions

February 2006 Champion: Mikko Kaariainen
March 2006 Champion: Steven Campos
April 2006 Champion: Kevin Rafferty
May 2006 Champion: Kevin Rafferty
June 2006 Champion: Kevin Rafferty
July 2006 Champion: Kevin Rafferty
August 2006 Champion: Kevin Rafferty
September 2006 Champion: Kevin Rafferty
October 2006 Champion: Kevin Rafferty
November 2006 Champion: Kevin Rafferty
December 2006 Champion: Brian Rafferty